May-June 2018 Santiago to Verona 008

That’s me in the market square of Tineo on the Camino Primitivo in 2018. Nine of us walked it in Medieval clothes.

I write Historical and Fantasy fiction, both short and long, and once in a while I take the time to write straight history.  I’m interested in storytelling, and I’m interested in giving the reader a valid experience of the real or imagined past that is believable and authentic.  I’m a passionate reenactor, and I enjoy living and cooking and walking and riding with the kit of the past, and I freely confess that these experiences inform everything that I write.  I also believe in authenticity of character; to me, that means creating whole people, no matter how broken of twisted, who have goals and aspirations.  I like a little humor, both light and dark, and I can, myself, be as easily horrified by social issues as by monsters.  In fact, I find Jane Austen’s books more terrifying that Stephan King’s…

I have been a full time writer since 2001, and before that I wrote while still serving in the US Navy.  My first series was the ‘Alan Craik’ series of spy novels, written with my father from 1996 to 2002.  In 2004 I wrote my first solo book, ‘Washington and Caesar’, a novel about the American Revolution.  In 2007 I began my first historical series, the “Tyrant” books (set in the time of Alexander the Great) and then I started the “Long War” series about the time of Marathon and the Persian Wars (five books to date and the sixth just underway in autumn 2015). In 2013 I published my first fantasy novel, ‘The Red Knight’ and will eventually be a five book series. I have a second Fantasy series in the works called ‘Masters and Mages’ and the first book, ‘Cold Iron’ will be out August 30th in the UK and Europe, and October in the USA and Canada.

I write three or four books a year.  Have a look.