Christian/Miles Cameron has a NEW fantasy series out August 30th (UK).  The series is called Masters and Mages, and the first novel is titled ‘Cold Iron.’ The new series is set in a new world, a world of a thousand shades of gray; a world where old ideas of social class are dwindling, and where the power of cannon and guns may yet eclipse the power of magik. Aranthur Timos is a mage who wants to be a swordsman; a young man who wants many things he does not have, and when he falls into the midst of of a bewildering web of plots, he rises to the challenges.  But when the excitement of success wears off, Aranthur has to ask what side he’s on, and what the price might be…

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Christian Cameron’s first popular fantasy series (Traitor Son Cycle) is written under the pen name of Miles Cameron.  


The Author fighting in the lists in Italy this summer.

The Traitorson series is now five books long.  The series covers the events of a pivotal time in the world of Alba, when old dangers drag themselves from the grave of history and new dangers emerge from gates long forgotten.  It is a deliberate homage to the Arthurian mythos, and the protagonist, the ‘Red Knight’ of the first book’s title, is the king’s bastard son by his own sister.  Raised to destroy the realm of Alba as his mother’s revenge, the Red Knight has instead chosen a life of chivalry, but he cannot fully avoid the destiny his mother, and a cast of other Powers, have made for him.

Set in a world like but unlike our own, with high magic and mythical creatures as a concrete and deadly reality, the Traitorson series is intended to give the reader new insights into what the life might be like in the Arthurian mythos, if men (and women) had to face dragons and wyverns; if magic worked, and evil walked, and people still wanted to grow families and live to old age; if armies had to be supplied, horses fed, sheep sheered and accounts balanced.  There’s a great deal of history in this fantasy, but there is in all fantasy and there’s whimsy and creativity and all the places that the author loves best in the world.  And love; and war.

There’s also an outline and a story arc that goes right down to the last page, and all five books are out now, so you will not be dissapointed later.  Ahh, and there are a great many spelling errors in the first book.  The author begs your pardon.  He can’t spell.  Oh, and there are free stories from the Red Knight’s world here.

The current offering is ‘The Fall of Dragons’ which is in stores on August 1st 2018.   This is book five, and you’ll want ‘Fell Sword’ and ‘The Red Knight’ and the Dread Wyrm,’ and ‘Plague of Swords’  first.

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