I’ve written a great deal of historical fiction.


There’s a long series of short fiction, available for less than a dollar an issue (so far there are 18).  Tom Swan is an adventurer in the heart of the renaissance; the rebirth of classical learning is an opportunity for scholars, soldiers, and rogues, thieves, courtesans and spies.  Tom Swan wanders the Mediterranean, looking for work, adventure, money, jewels, art and antiquities.  In the process, he meets the greats and near greats of his day, from Richard, Earl of Warwick to Leonardo Da Vinci, from Dracula (Vlad Tepes) and Janos Hunyadi to Cosimo di Medici, Alfonse di Borgia and Leon Batista Alberti.  Swords, sex, philosophy, art, politics, and a growing amount of post-traumatic stress follow the protagonist.  Eventually, there will be either 24 or 36 of these.  Currently (August 2018) writing Tom Swan 20, which is also ‘Tom Swan and the Turks 1.’

My first HisFic series was the ‘Tyrant’ books.  There are currently six books and a sort of add-on prequel called ‘God of War’ about Alexander of Macedon, commonly called ‘The Great.’  god-of-war-christian-cameron

188xNxTyrantSeries.jpg.pagespeed.ic.i4trUY3Nx3There are currently six ‘Tyrant’ books, and they cover Kineas of Athens, Srayanka the Scyth, and their children from about 330 BCE until the twins are secure in ruling their Bosphoron kingdom in 303 BCE.  Based on history (and especially of Diodorus Siculus) this series takes the reader into the crucible of Hellenistic civilization, from the campaigns of Alexander to the birth of the Successor empires.  I am considering a book ‘zero’ about Philokles of Sparta, and an eventual book 7 about the Keltoi invasions of Greece in the early third century BCE.  In the summer of 2017 I began work on a pair of books  about Philopoeman of Achaea and Flamininus of Rome (roughly 200 BCE) called ‘The New Achilles,’ which will be out in hardcover in Fenraury 2019 (already written and handed in.)  Stay tuned.



lg_war1My second historical series is called ‘The Long War’ and the historical backbone of the series is the Persian Wars from 498 BCE until the defeat of Persia at Plataea in 479 BCE.  Told in first person through the eyes of Arimnestos of Plataea (a real person and probably one of the main sources for the History of Herodotus ) the Long War series follows the protagonist from his youth as the child of a bronze smith in a rural town to his command at one of the most important battles in the history of the western world.  This series explores the world of Archaic and early Classical Greece, and each book, in addition to telling a specific story, also highlights a particular Greek philosopher. My world building is not limited to military virtues, and ancient religion and philosophy, cooking, dance, ship building and farming provide a rich backdrop for the complex characters, many of them household names to this day, like Leonidas of Sparta or Themistocles of Athens. This series ran to six books and I’d love to write a seventh about a voyage by Greeks down the coast fo the Red Sea and across to India.  Someone did it first… why not Arimnestos?


My most recent historical series is set in the Fourteenth century.  The ‘Chivalry’ series follows young William Gold, who runs away from London to follow the Black Prince, from the killing fields of France, through life as a routier and criminal, and to redemption with the Knights of Saint John, further disillusion and an eventual career as a professional soldier and knight.  Rich in the details of life in the High Middle Ages, The Chivalry series also deals with modern issues about the role of violence in society, rules of conflict and war, and the price that people pay for using violence.

51df-RlqZuL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_51AeEJyuHJLI am also an avid practitioner of the art of arms (at least, those parts left to us by the 14th century master Fiore di Liberi) and I freely confess to using these books as a vehicle to expose readers to the skill and practice of armizare, the ‘western’ martial art of the Middle Ages.  There’s a lot of swords and jousting, and horse archery.

I’m a sword nerd.

I’m writing the fifth William Gold ‘Chivalry’ book right now, in August 2018, and the title will probably  be ‘Hawkwood’s Sword’. I expect that in the end there will be six, or perhaps seven of them.  I like a long story, and William Gold did, after all, end up as the Captain of Venice int he War of Chioggia, a major war between Genoa and Venice 1379-1381. I’ll admit the awful truth; I could write William Gold almost forever…




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And, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I wrote wrote a novel about African Americans in the American Revolution.

washington-and-caesar…that’s a lot of books.  I write between three and five a year.  It’s the only job I have.  Please support me, and keep me off the streets.